DevLog #4 - Character animations in Blender

Main character modeled and rigged, now it’s time to animate it.

DevLog #3 - Rigging & Skinning

So, the models of the main character and his abilities are ready, now it’s time to prepare it for animation. In my case there are 2 steps: rigging (create and setup virtual skeleton) and skinning (connect mesh vertices to the virtual bones).

DevLog #2 - 3D model of the main character

In previous blog-post I’ve shown concept art for the main character and his special abilities. Now it’s time to see how it looks in 3D.

DevLog #1 - Main character

In this blog post I’d like to talk about the main character of the game - Prince. I will cover his backstory, character design, weapons and special abilities.

DevLog #0 - Intro

In the game where avatar become weaker and weaker, the player has to become stronger, more skilled and get more knowledge about game world in order to succeed.