DevLog #14 - Level blocking tools in Unity

In this article I will explain the most common level blocking tools in Unity and also will share some very interesting findings that influenced my final decision about what tool to use on my project.

DevLog #13 - Houdini procedural assets for Unity

In this devlog I will showcase my experiments with Houdini and achieved results.

DevLog #12 - Environment references and introduction to Houdini

In this blog post I will show art references for environment and first procedural assets made in Houdini for Unity.

DevLog #11 - Enemy AI and platformer pathfinding in Unity

In this article I’m going to explain how enemy AI work, the pathfinding algorithm and problems that I encountered along the way.

DevLog #10 - Special abilities VFX

Before deep diving into enemies AI and full-fledged combat system I decided to close the topic of character’s visuals and make VFX for all special abilities.

DevLog #9 - Combat mechanics

I’ve already tried environmental puzzles. Now it is time for combat system.

DevLog #8 - Blocking of the test level

In previous post I’ve already explained principles of antivania level design. Now it is time for some level blocking.

DevLog #7 - Level design of antivania

The main feature of antivania game is that the main character constantly losing his special abilities along the way. In that context a lot of people asked how levels will be built to support this system. So let’s take a look at level design of antivania.

DevLog #6 - Attack animations

In previous posts I talked about basic and procedural animations of the main character and his abilities. Now it is time to talk about different attack animations and some other contextual animations.

DevLog #5 - Procedural animations in Unity

In this devlog I will talk about procedural animations of main character’s abilities which are completely or partially created and controlled from code inside Unity.