DevLog #6 - Attack animations

In previous posts I talked about basic and procedural animations of the main character and his abilities. Now it is time to talk about different attack animations and some other contextual animations.

Shader animation in Unity

In this blog-post I will explain how to animate simple creatures using vertex shader. I will use rat as an example, but the same method can be used to animate fishes, birds, bats and other small creatures that are not the main focus of the player.

DevLog #5 - Procedural animations in Unity

In this devlog I will talk about procedural animations of main character’s abilities which are completely or partially created and controlled from code inside Unity.

DevLog #4 - Character animations in Blender

Main character modeled and rigged, now it’s time to animate it.

DevLog #3 - Rigging & Skinning

So, the models of the main character and his abilities are ready, now it’s time to prepare it for animation. In my case there are 2 steps: rigging (create and setup virtual skeleton) and skinning (connect mesh vertices to the virtual bones).

DevLog #2 - 3D model of the main character

In previous blog-post I’ve shown concept art for the main character and his special abilities. Now it’s time to see how it looks in 3D.

Cel-shading: some tricks that you might not know about

In this article I will write Unity cel-shader (also known as toon-shader) from scratch. I will show and explain some tricks that are quite useful, but not so many people know about them

DevLog #1 - Main character

In this blog post I’d like to talk about the main character of the game - Prince. I will cover his backstory, character design, weapons and special abilities.

DevLog #0 - Intro

In the game where avatar become weaker and weaker, the player has to become stronger, more skilled and get more knowledge about game world in order to succeed.