Stylized VFX in Unity. Part 2: Custom Vertex Streams and Custom Data

In the previous article we have created a shader for dissolve effect that works with GameObjects. Now let’s see how we can make it work with Particle Systems.

Stylized VFX in Unity. Part 1: Step, Smoothstep, Dissolve

In this article I am going to explain the basics of creation of the stylized visual effect for games.

Shader animation in Unity

In this blog-post I will explain how to animate simple creatures using vertex shader. I will use rat as an example, but the same method can be used to animate fishes, birds, bats and other small creatures that are not the main focus of the player.

Cel-shading: some tricks that you might not know about

In this article I will write Unity cel-shader (also known as toon-shader) from scratch. I will show and explain some tricks that are quite useful, but not so many people know about them